All-in-one podcast promotion.

High-quality transcripts, clips, and interactive websites that delight and grow your audience.

Unlock a virtuous cycle for your podcast promotion and take back time and energy you can invest into your episodes.


The Fanfare approach.

Nobody started their podcast to have more promotional work in their life.

Promoting a single podcast episode is easy. Consistently advertising every episode drains your energy and uses valuable time.

We based the Fanfare approach on the idea that the best promotion for your podcast — is your podcast.

Fanfare gives you a high-quality transcript for every episode. You can export the transcript and display it as an Active Transcript: An interactive website loved by your audience and search engines.

To reach new listeners, you can easily create engaging clips of your best moments. Posting a clip and a link to your transcript is a winning combo: The clip hooks new listeners and the transcript lets them discover your episode without having to open their podcast player.

There is a truism that successful podcasts stick around. The inverse is also true: Podcasts that stick around tend to make it. The Fanfare approach is fast, simple, and powerful. It grows more valuable with each new episode as you build your library of transcripts and clips.

You can run this process yourself or hand it off to our concierge service. The result is the same: More time to spend on your episodes and a growing audience to enjoy the fruits of that labor.


  • Highest-quality automated transcripts with speaker detection
  • A straightforward and powerful editor that saves you time
  • Export your transcripts as a document or subtitle files

We're obsessed with getting you better transcripts faster. We build on top of the best, paid transcription AIs. Clients report being 2x faster editing their transcripts using Fanfare than other services.



  • Our AI finds the best moments to share
  • Colors for each speaker, background images and hundreds of fonts make it easy to make your clips your own
  • Save your styles as templates for easy reuse
  • Square, portrait or landscape, we support every orientation

Feminist Frequency is working to end abuse in video games. For their special Cyberpunk Summer series, they created promotional video clips for both Twitter and Instagram. The template feature allowed them to quickly create stylish clips in different aspect ratios each week.

Feminist Frequency Logo

Feminist Frequency

Podcast Page

  • A place on the web for your podcast and transcripts
  • Our Active Transcripts make it easy to read-along
  • Great accessibility for search engines and humans alike
  • Add all your links in one place, making it easy for your listeners to subscribe
  • Great as a premium feature for your subscribers

Host Joel McKinnon uses our Active Transcripts to bring story episodes with multiple voice actors to life and make knowledge-dense guest episodes more accessible.

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Seldon Crisis
Podcast Page


We're in Early Access and offer Fanfare at a reduced price to a limited amount of early customers. Contact us for volume discounts.


$5 monthly

+$2 per hour of audio

→ First 2 hours included

Consistently grow your audience with transcripts, clips, and a website.

  • High-quality AI transcription
  • Simple transcript editing
  • Our AI proposes the best moments from your podcast to turn into clips
  • Extra hours never expire
  • The first month is free; no credit card required


$5 monthly

+$2 per minute of audio

Time is money? Our real-life humans edit your transcripts for you.

Contact us
  • Everything from the DIY tier
  • We set up your podcast page
  • 99% accurate transcripts with fast turnaround
  • Social media clips for $5 each (As many revisions as you want)

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How accurate are the transcripts?

      For the DIY tier, the transcript is above 90% accurate on average. Those are the numbers reported by, our paid transcription provider. In practice, the answer is "it depends": Your podcast's audio quality impacts the transcription quality, so you might see higher or lower accuracy.

      For the Concierge tier, we manually edit your transcript to be at least 99% accurate (We aim for 100%, but human error is a thing.)

    • What type of podcasts does your service work with?

      We support audio and video podcasts and all popular formats. Send us a support request if you use an exotic file format and want us to convert it before uploading.

    • What export formats do you support for transcripts?

      We currently support exporting documents (Markdown and Docx) and subtitles (VTT and SRT). Send us a support request if you want any other format.

      (We charge shipping for stone tablets.)

    • How long does it take to receive a transcript after I request one?

      The DIY tier takes about 20% of the duration of the file. For example, transcribing 30 minutes of audio takes about 6 minutes.

      For the Concierge tier, we aim to return your finished transcript within 24h during weekdays.

    • Do I own the transcripts and clips I create with Fanfare?

      Yes. As per our Terms of Service, you keep the ownership of all the generated content (i.e., clips, transcripts, and websites). You grant us a license to display the content because otherwise, we couldn't show you your transcript on a website.

    • Is my payment information secure?

      Yes. Stripe is our payment processor, ensuring your payment information is securely stored and processed. We do not directly handle or store any of your payment details.