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Promotional clips for creators who don't enjoy promoting their content

We believe that your content speaks for itself. And that the best way to find your fans is to often and regularly share short excerpts from it.
But if you are like us, you prefer to create than promote.
FANFARE makes it easy and fast to get those clips out. So you can spend more time on the exciting stuff.

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Upload your video or podcast

Video, podcast or video of a podcast, we've got you covered.


Have a Video?

Great! We support all common formats and resolutions.


Audio only?

No problem. Tell us which background image you want, and we'll turn it into a video in no time!

We transcribe all of it

We use a paid, state-of-the-art transcription service to bring you the best possible transcription quality.


Multiple speakers?

We transcribe each speaker, so they can have separately colored subtitles.


Snappy alignment

Each words is timed to the fraction of a second, to make your subtitles extra crisp.


Easy editing.

Nobody is perfect, not even our AI overlords. We make it a piece of cake to change anything that might have gotten misunderstood. And yes, we keep the snappy alignment.


FANFARE finds the best moments to share

Nobody likes sifting through 90 minutes of audio to find ten good moments to share. Not even if it's your own audio. But FANFARE loves doing precisely that and does it automatically.

Automatic highlight detection

We propose 10-15 great moments that you can turn into clips.


Make your own

You can add your own highlights and edit the ones proposed.

Easily make your clips look good

The faster you get the clips out, the quicker you can get back to doing things you love. We make it easy to create good-looking clips without you having to drag stuff around pixel by pixel.


Style your subs

Chose a font and colors. Different speakers get different colors.


Automatic adjustment

We automatically adjust the display of your subtitles to your font size and the speed you're talking.


We make a square fit into a portrait-sized hole

You can crop videos to fit different social media platforms.


Take your clips with you

After styling, the clips are available as video files that you can post anywhere and send to anybody.


A selection of the fine folks creating promotional clips with Fanfare.

Early access pricing

We're still in Early Access and offer Fanfare at a reduced price to a limited amount of early customers.


30-day Free Trial

Try Fanfare for 30-days and upload up to two hours of content.

Extra hours roll over

If you purchase extra hours, but don't use all of them in the current month, we will roll them over. As often as needed.



If you're not completely satisfied with Fanfare, we'll give you a refund. Just reach out to us via the support feature.

$5Per month$2Per extra hour of content

  • 2h of video or audio included
  • Buy extra hours as needed
  • 30 days free trial
  • Create unlimited clips
  • Cancel any time
  • Personal support. Per email or Zoom call.
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