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Fanfare October 22 🎉


Basil Philipp 🎉

This is a slightly redacted version of the update I shared with the team and our investor. I removed our cash-at-hand numbers and anonymized customers since I didn't ask for permission to name them.

In October, we shipped the most requested features to the clip editor. The editor is now a serious, minimally viable option to make clips for podcasts and YouTube videos.

We also discovered the potential use of public transcripts, the next feature we'll focus on.

Summer is over
Summer is over

KPIs 📈

Users talked to: 4

MRR: $25 (+$15)

Extra hours revenue (non-recurring): $6 (+$6)

MAU: 6 (+2)

Months to 0: 15 (by Feb. 2024) // Includes some buffer

Highlights 🚀

Lowlights 😕

Team 🤗

Customer stories 📣

Asks 🙏

Outlook for next Month 🔭

We're planning to scale up our marketing of the existing functionality. At the same time, we are working on the first release of the public pages feature.

Thank you!


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