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Basil Philipp πŸŽ‰

This is a slightly redacted version of the update I shared with the team and our investor. I removed our cash-at-hand numbers and anonymized customers since I didn't ask for permission to name them.

The September update is late due to me taking two weeks of vacation: Bad for my posting schedule but great for my mental health.

Mental Health Flamingo (πŸ“· @vicko on Unsplash)
Mental Health Flamingo (πŸ“· @vicko on Unsplash)

KPIs πŸ“ˆ

(Prospective) Users talked to: 4

MRR: $10

MAU: 4

Months to 0: 16 (by Feb. 2024) // Includes some buffer

Highlights πŸš€

Lowlights πŸ˜•

Team πŸ€—

Customer stories πŸ“£

  1. "Despite these little glitches, I've been having lots of fun making the clips, as you can probably tell from my tweets. I'm hoping that being creative with these will have some effect on boosting downloads, but tbh the download count isn't a huge concern to me. It's more about having continuing fun with episodes after release. Hoping listeners enjoy reliving these little bits through the clips as much as I do in making them!"

  2. A comedian friend contacted me, asking for help with the clips. She can't bring herself to do it but said she knows how important it is, seeing how comedians that post regularly can quickly grow their audience on Instagram. She asked if she could pay me to do it for her.

Asks πŸ™

Outlook for next Month πŸ”­

I'm looking forward to October. Let me know if you have any feedback or questions regarding this update.

Thank you!


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  1. We follow the Shape Up approach from Basecamp. 

  2. The course is called The First 500. I can highly recommend the course, Outseta and Goeff's blog posts. 

  3. Being able to help out one of my favorite podcasts and podcasters felt great.