The Podcast Reader

by Fanfare

While audio podcasts are great, it's easy to miss out on crucial insights. Our curated transcripts make it easier to follow important ideas and highlight key points. In a world of short attention spans, we are proud to present the distilled wisdom of outstanding podcast hosts and their guests.

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Continuing the Conversation

We are the successor to The Podcast Reader on They were fortunate to feature conversations from these notable podcasts.

In Good Company with Nicolai Tangen EconTalk The Knowledge Project Volts Conversations with Tyler A Podcast of One's Own with Julia Gillard
What is the connection to The Podcast Reader magazine on
This is the new platform for The Podcast Reader. The team at wrapped up with issue 12. Having collaborated on transcripts before, they approached Fanfare to continue the project. We're excited to maintain the tradition of delivering high-quality podcast transcripts and are grateful for their trust in handing over this initiative to us.
Will you be offering a print edition?
No, The Podcast Reader by Fanfare will be digital-only, offering downloadable PDFs for offline reading and printing. Additionally, we'll provide interactive transcripts enabling readers to listen along with the podcast. Check out an example here: How can AI help with climate change? Future features might include personalized episode summaries and chatbot-assisted interactions with the transcript.
What topics will you cover?
We will continue to focus on the arts, science, entrepreneurship and public policy. Unlike a print magazine we're not constrained by physical space, so we will explore adding more topics in the future.
Can I suggest ideas and podcast episodes?
Yes, please do! While we aim to preserve the essence of the original Podcast Reader, we are excited to hear your ideas. Feel free to email your suggestions directly to Basil, the founder of Fanfare, at